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My Influence Map by ZhouRules My Influence Map by ZhouRules
I've been meaning to do this. This is a very cool idea by `fox-orian designed for you to look at if you ever need reminding for why you draw. And it's a good way to share with others what and who influences you. I like it because it can apply to anything. Everyone has influences, artists or not. And I have many many more than are on here, but these are some of the ones I can think of that influence my art.

Left to right going down.

Jim Lee- That guy is an amazing artist. Enough said.

Marc Silvestri- Super cool guy. Great artist. And founder of Top Cow where I hope to work one day.

Todd McFarlane- Proof that you don't have to be a "starving artist". Made millions with his company. Very hardcore dedicated guy.

Sean Murphy- Takes comics to a whole new level. Amazing storytelling and composition. Awesome use of ink. My biggest influence while I was doing Hell Paso

Ryan Ottley- Amazing artist working for probably THE BEST comic writer in the industry right now. Robert Kirkman. Anything by Kirkman is just great. Especially with awesome artists like Ryan doing them

Tony Moore- Another artist who's worked for and is good friends with Robert Kirkman. I just love everything he draws.

Pixar- Anything by Pixar blows any other CG animated movie out of the water. Even Pixar's first movie Toy Story kicks Despicable Me's butt. Pixar reminds me why I draw.

Feng Zhu- Ricky showed me this guy a while ago. I always thought he was good, but I never realized how great of a teacher he was until I started watching his videos. He's a beast. Concept artist for big time movies like Star Wars III and Transformers.

Yoji Shinkawa- So Metal Gear Solid is my all time favorite game series. The story, the gameplay, the designs, everything about them I just love. Even the first one with the crappy pixel graphics. I can play it over and over and not be bored with it. But I only recently found out who the artist was for it. This guy not only does the sickest character designs ever in a really cool style. But he is one of the best game concept artists I've seen. He designed every aspect of the first MGS game down to the floor plans to rooms with details to what were in those rooms. Blows my mind. That game reminds me why I draw.

Bobby Chiu- Amazing digital painter. Thats obvious. But most of all I'm influenced by his attitude. His advice, tips, and stories of his life inspire me so much. This guy truly loves what he does and he helps me realize why I love art. If you haven't listened to one of his video podcasts or are not following him on Twitter I suggest you do so. His words are just as inspiring as his art.

If you can't tell, I organized these in a specific sort of order. The top 3 are the kickass artists of the 90s who founded Image and paved the way for what comics are now. The next 3 are my recent artist influences who haven't been around as long as those other guys, but are kicking tons of butt right now. Pixar is just a huge entity of amazing art. the last 3 are concept artists because after I break into comics I want to build up my skills further to pursue concept art for games and film and anything like that. Since I learned that there were artists designing things for video games and movies I knew that'd be a job for me.

So these are a very small selection of my large amount of influences. Hopefully this gives you kind of a small insight to why I draw and where I'd like to go with my art. Making this helped me think of some goals for the new year. Can't wait to see what this year brings!
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michaelstewart Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011  Professional General Artist
cool stuff, lol
ZhouRules Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
michaelstewart Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011  Professional General Artist
SPARATIK Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011   Digital Artist
wait, except for Jim Lee. who is that rookie? lol
SPARATIK Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011   Digital Artist
really cool woman. basically, same insperations lol
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